Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should and/or shouldn’t be sent to the list at inplants-l@listserv.indiana.edu

A. The list is for the discussion of all plant related topics. Questions about the list itself, requests for help with the list, and so on, should be sent to owner-inplants-l@listserv.indiana.edu. All list commands, such as those used to change your subscription settings, should be sent to listserv@listserv.indiana.edu, not to the list itself.

Please do not respond to individuals or have conversations not related to plants, on the list. Responses that are not plant related or are likely to be relevant to only an individual, should be sent directly to the individual and not the list.

If you have a concern about the suitability of a post, please consider sending it to owner-inplants-l@listserv.indiana.edu first. From time to time I may remind users about unsuitable posts. Please keep in mind that this is usually at the request of other users, and does not necessarily reflect a unique concern of mine.

Q. How do I change settings for my list subscription, leave the list, or figure out what options are available.

A. I will not post this information here because it would require work on my part to keep it up-to-date. There are many resources that will help you with managing your subscription and settings. Below are a few of these. Please review the settings you can change for your subscription, as most issues users encounter can be resolved by changing a single setting for their subscription.

Going to the site below and choosing ‘subscribers corner’ is probably the easiest way to change your subscription settings. Full listserv documentation is also available from this site. The most useful guide is the subscribers manual.

Commands can also be sent to listserv@listserv.indiana.edu to change your subscription settings. Commands need to be in the body of the message, one command per line, and not in the subject line. There are many references available on the Internet for these commands, and the subscriber manual above describes the options. For the most up-to-date information you can also send one of the following commands to listserv@listserv.indiana.edu.

HELP List of the most commonly used LISTSERV commands
INFO REFCARD Comprehensive command reference card
INFO GENINTRO General LISTSERV information
INFO KEYWORDS List header keywords descriptions

Using the examples above, if you wanted to get the reference card of commands to manage your subscription settings, you should send a message to listserv@listserv.indiana.edu, with INFO REFCARD in the body of the message.

Q. How do I manage the volume of mail I receive from the list?

A. One way to do this is to receive the digest, rather than individual emails. The command references above provide instructions on how to set your subscription to receive the digest and this also can be done very easily via the subscribers corner mentioned previously.

Another option I highly recommend is to sort all messages from this list in their own folder. Most email programs allow you to create rules and you can create a rule to move all email from inplants-l@listserv.indiana.edu to a separate folder. This keeps email from the list from cluttering your inbox and allows you to quickly delete messages you are not interested in at your convenience.

A third option is to set your subscription to not receive any mail at all. The references above provide the instructions for this and as with the other commands you can set this in the subscribers corner. When this option is set, you will get no mail, and you will have to go to the archives to read email.

Q. How many people are subscribed to the list? This question usually is the result of someone not seeing much traffic on the list, or someone not having a question answered.

A. There are 92 subscribers as of 12/13/2011. I’ll keep this updated monthly, more or less, depending on how much the count is changing.


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